Patient Comfort Prioritized.

Ergonomically Designed with the Patient in Mind.

Proven Efficacy.

Validated through Design, Biological & VTM Studies.

Proudly Canadian.

Designed, Manufactured & Sterilized on Canadian Soil.

Introducing Granville Swab™

Through extensive scientific research and testing, our Granville Swab™ has proven optimal specimen collection efficacy when compared to traditional nasopharyngeal flocked swabs. Patient comfort was prioritized with the design of a novel tip that ensures sufficient sample collection. Paired with a thin, flexible handle and scored break point, Granville Swab™ also creates ease of use for healthcare providers by creating workflow efficiencies.

  • Made in Canada

    Manufactured in Canada to meet ISO 13485 & ISO 11137 Standards

  • Biocompatible

    Certified Patient-Safe Biocompatible Medical Grade Material

  • Patent Pending

    Patent Pending Design with Proven Mechanical & Biological Efficacy

  • Ergonomic Design

    Flexible Neck to Optimize Healthcare Workflow Testing Efficiencies

  • Product Differentiators.

    Made using a single biocompatible, medical grade material to replace multi-material swabs composed of polystyrene handles & cotton, polyester, nylon or rayon tips.

    Our injection mold manufacturing process creates stable mechanical properties & defined shelf-life compared to 3D printed swabs.

  • Compatible with PCR Molecular Testing

    Compatible with 10cm viral transport medium tubes.

  • Validated & Tested for Efficacy.

    Tested in design, simulation, biological and viral transport medium tube validation studies.

    Our certifications ensures product traceability and quality assurance.

    Manufactured in Canada to meet ISO 13485 & ISO 11137 standards.

Prioritizing Patient Comfort.

Granville Swab™ was designed with the patient in mind to create a more comfortable testing experience.

Suggested Use Cases


Healthcare Environments, Hospitals, Paramedics, Private Clinics, Labs, Road-Side Testing Sites, and Retirement Homes.


Schools, Post-Secondary Institutions: Colleges and Universities.

Private Industry

Entertainment Industry, Professional Sport Leagues, Hotels, Gyms & Recreation Centres, Airports, Trucking Industry, Private Companies.